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Need help with LEGO® FUSION? If you’re looking for device requirements, app download info, frequently asked questions or customer support, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. The LEGO Fusion range has retired

    The LEGO Fusion sets can no longer be purchased, and the app for these games are not supported anymore.

  2. Device Requirements

    To download LEGO FUSION app games, you need one of the tablets or smartphones below, and a U.S. app store account.

    iOS requirements:

    • Apple iPhone 4S and higher
    • Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation and higher 
    • Apple iPad 2 and higher
    • Apple iPad mini

    LEGO FUSION is not compatible with Apple iPhone 4 or below.

    Android requirements:

    • HTC One (M7)
    • Kindle Fire Phone
    • Kindle Fire HDX (8.9-inch, 3rd Generation)
    • Nexus 4
    • Nexus 5
    • Nexus 7 (2013 Edition)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-inch)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II
    • Samsung Galaxy Note III
    • Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 
    • Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Sony Xperia Z

    LEGO FUSION can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Samsung Store or Amazon Store.
  3. What is included in a LEGO FUSION product?

    With a purchase of a LEGO FUSION product (standard retail price $34.99), you get: 
    • 200+ LEGO pieces for millions of design combinations
    • Town Master only: Mayor minifigure
    • Resort Designer only: LEGO Friends ‘Olivia’ mini doll
    • FUSION plate with Town Master, Battle Towers, or Resort Designer decoration
    • Reclosable box for storage of LEGO FUSION bricks
    • Free app download required to play
    • Unlimited hours of fun game play shaped by your own creativity and imagination
  4. Will all LEGO bricks work with LEGO FUSION?

    No. The LEGO FUSION capturing technology is designed for the LEGO FUSION brick sets. For that reason, using other LEGO pieces may give unpredictable results.

    However, each LEGO FUSION set is compatible with LEGO bricks in the same colors and sizes as the ones in the specific box. In other words, if you have LEGO bricks at home in the exact same size and color as those in your LEGO FUSION box, yes, they will work.

    To keep your LEGO FUSION bricks separate from your other LEGO pieces, we recommend storage in the reclosable LEGO FUSION product box. A list of the compatible LEGO pieces can be found in the building instructions for each product:

      1. Download 21204 LEGO FUSION Town Master 'get started guide'
      2. Download 21205 LEGO FUSION Battle Towers 'get started guide'
      3. Download 21208 LEGO FUSION Resort Designer 'get started guide'
  5. What is the function of the LEGO FUSION plate?

    In each LEGO FUSION box you will find a FUSION plate with unique decoration. The FUSION plate is the key needed to make your LEGO build creations come to life in the game.

    • Build and place your design on the FUSION plate
    • Take its picture/capture with your device (make sure that the entire build + plate is visible on the screen)
    • The technology recognizes your build
    • Watch your LEGO creation come to life on your smart device
  6. How to scan

    How to optimize your play environment for consistently great results: 
    1. Play on an uncluttered white table – For the best results, only white should be visible around your LEGO creation, with no loose bricks, tablecloth patterns or other items which could confuse the scan. If your table is dark or multi-colored, try covering the table with a white dishtowel or paper. 
    2. Turn on the lights – LEGO FUSION technology works best with brighter lighting, like you’d use to read a book.  Try to avoid shadows on the front of the bricks or FUSION plate. Make sure that the light does not reflect in the model, ambient light is the best. 
    3. Hold device steady while scanning – Align your device camera to view your creation on the FUSION plate. All of the bricks in your building or car should fit within the green grid in the capture window.  When the FUSION button turns green, gently press it while holding the device still for 2-3 seconds. 

    Still having problems getting a perfect scan? Watch this video or check these additional tips: 

    • Build in 2D – Build a flat facade, one stud deep, for your Town Master, Battle Towers and Resort Designer creations, straight up on the long studded end of the FUSION plate.  For Town Master and Resort Designer, you must use the door included in the set. For Battle Towers, you must build so high that a minifigure can fit in the building. 
    • Check the height & width – Your brick creations can be maximum 16 bricks high and 16 bricks wide. Creations can only overlap the edge of the FUSION plate by two bricks. 
    • Use the correct plate – Check that your FUSION plate is the right one. For example, a Battle Towers plate cannot be used with the Town Master game. 
    • Use only the bricks included in your LEGO FUSION set – The LEGO FUSION technology is designed for the bricks included in each set.  Using bricks of other colors or shapes will produce irregular results.  The full list of bricks is in the Get Started Guide / Building instructions available in the box or at 
    • Clean your device camera lens – Wipe the camera lens area on the back of your device with a clean, soft cloth, just like you would clean the screen of your tablet or smartphone.  
    • Even Background - Be sure that the background color on the table is consistent behind your entire build (no color change half way up). 
    • Match the guides on the screen – Adjust the angle and distance of the device camera to match up with the FUSION plate on the capture screen.  The guide grid and capture icon turn green when you’re on target. 
    • For additional help, device requirements, or to give feedback, please visit the Support page or contact LEGO Customer Service
  7. Need to contact Customer Service?

    Our dedicated Customer Service team is ready to answer your product or technical questions, help you request missing brick pieces, download building instructions, and more. 

    For app support call 1-410-568-3680 or go to
    For all other questions call 1-800-453-4652 or go to