Backstage with Livi

Being a pop star is not just about singing on a stage. It takes lots of creative teamwork to write, produce, rehearse, and choreograph a show!

We spent some time backstage with Livi to get a taste of her life behind the scenes.

Emma: Styling Livi was a dream come true. And what goes better with hot pink hair than a cool sparkly silver outfit?

Mia: I took care of Livi’s dog, Cookie. She’s ADORABLE. Lucky dog… Maybe Livi needs a dog walker on her tour?

Stephanie:  I made an alphabetical list of activities Livi can do on the tour bus. This way she can make the most of her time on the road.

Andrea: Practicing with a professional artist like Livi backstage and then joining her on stage was…OMG, it was the BEST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE!

Olivia: I got to help out with the controls for the stage show. So many gadgets, so many effects… It was awesome!

Livi: THANK YOU, my sweet and funny friends and fans. I’m leaving a piece of my heart in Heartlake City. 

Until next time, xoxo, Livi