My ultimate packing list

By: Livi

Are you dreaming about the perfect hotel holiday with your friends? Want to hang out by the pool, watch movies in bed and order room service, eat all you can at the buffet, join a fancy party, or explore the sights? I know, sometimes you just don’t know until you get there!

Here are my tips on what you can bring, so you are ready for almost anything:

-    Camera. So I can capture those perfect friendship moments and remember them forever.

   Music player and headphones. Andrea and I agree on this one! You shouldn’t go a day without music.

-    Matching clothes. Just bring a few tops, skirts and pants that you can mix and match. Then you’ll have dozens of outfits to choose from!

-    Accessories. The best advice from my friend Emma! Bring scarves, fun jewelry, your favorite hair band, a fancy belt – just bring some bling!

   Notebook and pens. There is always something to note down. Keep track of your to do’s like Stephanie. Write a journal like Olivia. Send postcards to your friends at home. Or jot down new songs like Andrea (and me).

-    Comfy pajamas. My friends and I love lying in those big hotel beds watching movies all night! I can highly recommend it.

-    Walking shoes. Or running shoes. Like Mia says, you have to leave the hotel sometimes to see the world around you.

-    Dancing shoes! Always be ready for any party or – who knows – red carpet event! You can always plan your own, right?

Have an amazing holiday! Safe travels.

Xoxo, Livi