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Creative inspiration

  • How to: Olivia's DIY kaleidoscope
  • How to: Mia's DIY LEGO® Friends™ planter

"Just enjoy creating.” 

– Emma

“There is music in everything. You just have to feel and listen.”

- Andrea

  • How to: Emma's DIY LEGO® Friends™ headband
  • Create your own Heartlake City scenes!

Let’s build the perfect party!

Creative inspiration

  • How to: Stephanie's DIY creative cupcake stands
  • How to: Andrea's DIY string art note
  • 41111 Party Train

“If you get math and science, you’re creative. Trust me.”

- Olivia

What do you love the most? That’s what makes you creative!”

– Stephanie

  • 41110 Birthday Party
  • Download a perfect cupcake party kit

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