Fun with LEGO® stuff

Are you bored, need a laugh or some ideas of fun stuff to do? Check out the random stuff below and discover a bunch of fun stuff from videos to games to cool ideas to try with your friends! Have fun, it’s awesome!!

Random Stuff ...

  • Can you find the bat?

    Don’t let yourself get spooked on Halloween! Test your skills and see how quickly you can find the bat!

  • Ghost in the graveyard!

    There are lots of skeletons in this Halloween graveyard, but don’t let that stop you... See if you can find the ghost before he finds you!

  • Can you find the pumpkin?

    Take a trip through our LEGO pumpkin patch and see if you can find the pumpkin in time for Halloween!

  • Think you know Halloween?

    Test your knowledge and see how many Halloween questions you can answer. Download the free LEGO Life app now for some Halloween fun!

  • Broomhilda's broom lost it's magic!

    Build her a new and improved magic broom! Download the free LEGO Life app to upload and share your creation for some spooky fun.

  • Who will win?

    You be the judge! Download the free LEGO Life app now to vote for your favorite Halloween costume and follow who gets the most votes.

  • Halloween Challenge - Sticker it up!

    Download the free LEGO Life app to decorate one of the three spooky scenes featuring LEGO® minifigures. Use stickers to make it frightening or fun – it’s up to you!

  • Are you ready for Halloween?

    Get your friends together and download some spooky activities like colouring sheets, dot to dot and wallpapers.

  • Halloween is just around the corner!

    Get yourself in the spirit by watching this spooky video and find more like it on our free LEGO Life app!

  • It's the new BB-8!

    Introducing the new LEGO® BB-8 with Spinning head, opening hatch and pop out welding torch, explore now!

  • Make yourself at home!

    Balcony, large windows and even a trampoline! Discover the 3 in 1 LEGO Creator Modular Modern Home. Come on in!

  • Weekend build ideas!

    Your LEGO sets and let your imagination run wild or try out any of our awesome FREE building instructions!

  • Can you help a BIT?

    Put your skills to the test in this fun coding game and help Bit, the adventurous little LEGO robot, solve challenges and save the kingdom!

  • Keep your hair on!

    Did you know all male minifigures wore hats until hair pieces appeared in 1979! Check out the latest minifigures hairstyles!

  • Show off your cook skills!

    Doesnt matter if you cook pasta or bake a bread, show your friends your cooking skills whilst sharing your best vacantion stories. Watch what our Friends have to say!

  • Give your Monday a boost, meet Vernie!

    What can you build with LEGO Boost? The possibilities are endless. Learn to build and code in a fun way!

  • Spooktacular creepy creations!

    Bats, cats, spiders and ghosts! Check out some of our fans fantastic Halloween LEGO creations. Ghoul love them!

  • Take your brick work to the next level.

    Build a domino trick or see how other LEGO Master builders use their bricks!

  • Cracking fun with Angry Birds!

    To celebrate National Egg Day why not check out the LEGO Angry Birds Movie models, builds and videos? Catapults away!

  • 3-2-1, NASA we have lift off!

    How many moons does Mars have? Which planet has the most liquid? Find the answers in outer space! Your mission starts here.

  • Do you have what it takes?

    Stacking, jumping, running and exploring! We have tons of games to put your high score skills to the test! Get started now.

  • Try our LEGO Life Emojis!

    A cheesy grin, a cheeky wink, or just stick your tongue out! Type how you feel with the LEGO LIFE emojis, download the app today!


    Jump start your week!

  • Be afraid, be very afraid!

    Prepare youself for Halloween…

  • Take your brick work to the next level.

    See how other LEGO Master builders use their bricks!

  • What is Hotdog man so happy about?

    Today is World Smile Day and Hotdog Man just can't stop smiling. His silly video is sure to make you smile too.

  • Watch your step!

    Minecraft Steve stumbles upon a mine and catches a wild ride in a mine cart. Will he make it out safely? Watch and find out!

  • Did you miss Taco Tuesday?

    There's still time to get your taco on. National Taco Day actually falls on Wednesday this year. So grab a taco and join the fiesta!

  • Take your artwork to the next level.

    Watch how one artist created a masterpiece using only a LEGO Technic RC Tracked Racer vehicle and a pen!

  • Wish you were a ninja too?

    Join your fellow ninja at the Ninja Training Academy! Play the games and practice your ninja skills.

  • Ninja Skill #65

    Real Ninja kick it old school. The crowd goes wild! Watch Sensei Wu work the turntables.

  • Ninja Skill #53

    Ninja are always ready for that jelly. Watch the ninja show off their moves!

  • Ninja Skill #43

    Ninja are silent but deadly…in more than one way! Sometimes even ninjas have to say "excuse me."

  • Ninja Skill #18

    Ninja know how to whip! Do you? Watch the pro and see how it's done so you'll be ready to hang with the ninja crew.

  • Ninja Skill #34

    Even Ninja get crabby! Do you? Practice your ninja crab skills…but stay away from the claws!

  • Ninja Skill #24

    Ninja are ice cold! Watch ninja Zane walk on ice. Will he slip or will he play it cool?

  • Ninja Skill #41

    Ninja fire it up and break it down! Watch this ninja dance off and see if you have the moves it takes to be a ninja!

  • Calling all ninjas!

    How many ninjas does it take to build a hashtag? Watch the second LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer now!

  • Join Lloyd and his ninja buddies.

    You don't have to wait any longer….the LEGO® Ninjago Movie is out in theaters! But before you head to the theater, watch the trailer here!

  • Get your popcorn ready!

    We work hard on our videos, but every now and then things just don't go as planned… So get ready to laugh as you watch our blooper videos!

  • Teddy bear or…grizzly bear?

    September 9 is Teddy Bear Day. Not into teddy bears? Go build a brown bear, a polar bear or even a grizzly bear! We'll show you how.

  • Here kitty kitty!

    Build your pet or build a zoo - it's up to you! Follow these instructions or get creative on your own. All you have to do is grab your LEGO sets and get building!

  • Eat your vegetables!

    Or maybe you prefer hotdogs… Check out our favorite lunch stand set and see what LEGO bricks are on the menu. But don't eat them!!

  • Do you have a fidget spinner?

    Maybe you already have one, but is it a LEGO fidget spinner? Grab your LEGO bricks and we'll show you how to make your own!

  • Happy Grandparents Day!

    Why not build a gift for them to show that you care? A LEGO pencil holder is sure to come in handy during crossword puzzle time.