The Tower Of Imagination success story

The Tower Of Imagination success story

It’s truly amazing what the imagination is capable of. In 2015, LEGO® DUPLO® fans used theirs to help the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, and UNICEF unlock the power of play for underprivileged children in South Africa.

All by building a tower.
LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

It started with a brick…

It was a simple idea, but an incredibly effective one. Families around the world made a tower at home, and then submitted their pictures. Each one was then used to create a layer in the online Tower Of Imagination.

For every milestone reached in the Tower Of Imagination, 10,000 bricks were donated to early childhood development centers throughout South Africa. In total, a staggering 110,000 bricks, and additional learning materials, were raised, benefiting more than 2,000 children. 
LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

Giving even more

As well as donating bricks, training was also provided to educators and caregivers at each early child development center, teaching them how to utilize the playful learning opportunities found in the LEGO DUPLO brick. The bricks are now being stacked, counted, and toppled in the way nature intended!


Reaping the rewards

Since the sets arrived, there has been very positive feedback and reactions from kids and teachers: “I like the nice colors,” said Jamie and Santano, at the Kids For Success Center, in the city of Kimberly. “I like the way we learn numbers and how to count,” agreed Dudu. “I love LEGO DUPLO bricks!” added Dominic.

South Africa’s educators are also feeling the benefits, as Gertrude Peyani, a teacher at the Diepsloot Preschool in north Johannesburg, enthused: “I feel empowered and proud when I see LEGO DUPLO bricks these days because now I know what to do to make a difference.”

LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

Become a Partner In Play

In 2016, the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, and UNICEF are collaborating to bring LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to vulnerable children in Jordan, enhancing their opportunities for play.

It’s easy to show your support and help celebrate the importance of play. Just share a picture or video of your family’s happy play moment using the hashtag #PartnersInPlay on Twitter, Instagram, or the LEGO DUPLO Facebook page.

You can also read more about our South African success story in the Tower Of Imagination blog.

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