Birthday party ideas: Trucks, cars and trains

Birthday party ideas: Trucks, cars and trains

You’re never too young (or too old) to become fascinated with vehicles. Big and heavy or small and fast, race cars, trains, trucks, planes, motorcycles or ships – what can they do? Who drives them? Where in the world will they take you? And what kinds of nuts and bolts make them work?

If you have a young vehicle enthusiast in the family, you can turn their birthday party into a fun building and/or racing event for everyone.

-    Let guests build a LEGO® DUPLO® car each: you could decide a theme, like racing, vans, trucks, motorcycles, space vehicles, or let kids run wild with their own ideas. Have a ramp ready that fits at least two cars at a time, and let contestants race their cars until you have a winner! They can always rebuild and start a new race.

-    Build fun LEGO DUPLO props for photo booth fun or table decorations: a mechanic’s cap, race car goggles, traffic lights, trophies, traffic cones or road signs.

-    Turn part of your living room floor into an adventure obstacle course: maybe there is a small make-believe lake (it could look like a blue sweater to grownups), and guests have to build boats that sail to the other side. They can build planes that fly over a mountain of pillows. Then build cars to race down a ramp. Add your own obstacles, fun snack stopovers and competitions along the way!

You can download a free party kit with LEGO DUPLO building inspiration and decoration ideas. In the kit you will find small race flags as party decorations for the table or in the food, you can cut out racing tracks and traffic signs for fun racing games or print out a traffic light coloring page and let your toddler color or learn about color sorting.