Top five LEGO® storage hacks

Top five LEGO® storage hacks

We like to think it takes a creative genius to find order in chaos, so if the LEGO bricks in your house are all over the place sometimes (or always), too, it could be a sign that you’re a household of creative geniuses.

Still, there ARE ways of creating simple LEGO brick storage solutions and hacks that can help you get through life without too many “hello, feet – have you met brick?” and bricks-being-swallowed-by-vacuum-cleaner incidents.

  Here are our favorite tips:

  1. Tubs

Anything from small, repurposed food containers with lids, to stackable tubs, bed rollers, toolbox dividers and drawers are fantastic for sorting and storing bricks of any size – and building instructions. Use clear tubs or color/theme labels to make it easy to find favorite bricks.

   2.  LEGO base plates

Secure them on shelves or walls to display your child’s creative builds, minifigures, key chains and more.

   3.  Cardboard playmats and bricks in a blanket

Playmats make play time fun and the tidying up process faster! Cut open a big moving box, and decorate and use it as a playmat on table tops or floors. When your child is done playing, gently fold the sides up to shape a v-funnel and you can pour all the bricks back into their containers. Or your child can play with bricks on a fleece blanket or bedspread (crocheted or knitted patterns are good for other purposes!). When it’s time to clean up, pull the corners up, and either tie the ends or close them off with a big rubber band.

   4.  Clear shoe hangers

Store your LEGO bricks on your door! We wish we could take credit for this, but whoever thought of it is a genius to us.

   5.  Top tidy-up tip

Fasten an old pantyhose or sock to the end of your vacuum cleaner hose with a tight rubber band (remove any cleaning accessories from it first) before you vacuum under furniture. Any dropped LEGO pieces will be caught in the sock.