The Story Behind The Set: Arctic

The Story Behind The Set: Arctic

It’s not written in the history books, but toddlers are some of our bravest explorers. Powered by curiosity and fascinated by new things, they dedicate their days to discovering the spaces around themselves. Now with the LEGO® DUPLO® Around The World range, your eager adventurer can start mapping out the whole world.

Specially designed to harness creativity and imagination, each set lets little ones experience extraordinary environments without even leaving their living room. Or zipping on a snowsuit, as is the case with the Arctic set…

The icy region’s story is told through its indigenous animals, because toddlers have a natural affinity with all walks of wildlife. They’ll love getting acquainted and learning about the polar bear, husky and whale. Ask your child to name each one and watch their creative thinking thaw out.

When discovering new places like the Arctic, toddlers develop a deeper understanding of their own surroundings. They can explore unusual concepts they might not ordinarily encounter, such as extreme cold. However, this frozen land won’t stay strange for long, as your toddler will soon conquer it with their own imaginative ideas.

Naturally, no LEGO DUPLO set is made without consulting the customers first! Watch the video above to see exactly how one intrepid explorer makes the set all her own.

You can learn more about Around The World: Arctic here.