Telling stories through creative play

Telling stories through creative play

How can you use LEGO bricks to tell stories?

Think about the way kids tell stories. “Once upon a time, there was a tiny robot on a horse with three legs who lived with his two best friends, a six-headed dragon and a blue turtle. The end.” It’s one line, but it’s enough to get you started thinking about what parts of that very short story you could build.

As adults, we’re used to reading and watching long books and movies with complicated plots, believable characters and their motives. That doesn’t mean you have to create a long, well-thought-out story before you can start telling or building stories with your family.

When you open a box of LEGO bricks, at first, maybe you only see the bricks. That’s okay – that’s how all LEGO stories start. Allow yourself to watch them for a few minutes, or call upon the expert of the house (your child), to help you imagine what each little brick is capable of.

When your child puts two bricks together and sees a skyscraper, a moose or an underwater castle, that’s what’s real to them. You can do the same thing! Don’t worry about the “right” colors, shapes or sizes of what you build – you can rebuild or rescale anything, anytime.

If you let them, bricks can travel through time, space, and endless stories as a wing on a space ship, a duck in a pond, a seat in a race car, a foot of a giant who just saved the princess, a leaf on a tree in an enchanted forest, and everything else in all universes you can think of.

Our designers have created a free download with creative keywords you can use as inspiration to start building and telling stories with your family. Try the story starters, and see what happens the next time you open your box of bricks!