Is Taking Part In Your Child’s Play Important?

Is Taking Part In Your Child’s Play Important?

Children need to play. That’s a fact, period. Play is the pivotal way little ones learn, so it’s non-negotiable for their development. But do parents need to get involved as well?

It’s a question that keeps the internet up at night. But, it would seem, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

For some parents, it’s enough to establish a game then step out when their child is happily enthralled. Others like to put their cell on silent and dedicate a chunk of time to their little one’s games.

It also depends on the child’s personality. Some are naturally more independent players, while others thrive best with a playmate at their side.                                                                                                                                                             

The type of play is another factor, because, let’s be honest, a child’s idea of fun is quite different to an adult’s. Take three-year-old Molly, for example. She LOVES role-playing as a cat, but her mum Lucy finds 30 minutes of solidly saying “meow” tough going. However, by doing a little of what Molly enjoys, Lucy embodies willingness and cooperation. And those are two traits Lucy will want to cash in with Molly at least once a day.

Ultimately though, isn’t finding something you both enjoy doing, be it reading books, building bricks or playing board games, the best way to get involved in play? 

We asked moms and dads around the world for their thoughts on the matter. Watch the video above to hear what they had to say, and then take part in our Facebook discussion.