Stacks of fun! LEGO® DUPLO® themed party game ideas

Stacks of fun! LEGO® DUPLO® themed party game ideas

You will need:

Assorted LEGO DUPLO bricks, in as many shapes and colors as you have

Party guests!

Pattern recognition

Step 1: Make the beginnings of a tower by putting together four or so bricks in a simple repeating pattern (red, white, red, white… for example). Let the children continue building, taking turns to identify and match the next brick in the sequence.

Observation and memory skills

Step 2: Before the party, build a tower and then, at the party, hand out a matching pile of bricks. For very young children, simply ask them to copy the tower or even just build a tower and have them show it. You can repeat this and do it in different orders to make it even more lasting. For preschoolers, allow them to study the tower, before removing it so that it can be built from memory. 

Number recognition

Before the party, fix number stickers from 1-10 on the side of bricks (or use bricks from the Number Train set ( if you have it). Ask your little one and their guests to stack them in the right order.

Shape recognition

Put a twist on a game of Simon Says by calling out which shape brick your little one and their guests should use next in their tower. If you fail to say “Simon says” before a building instruction, and the children still follow your command, they must knock the tower down and start again… which is a game in itself!

Color recognition

Lay out a selection of bricks, and request a rainbow tower – the only stipulation being that the children must group each layer of the tower by color.

Counting skills

If you have a lot of bricks, use them to measure how tall each guest is. 

Top tip: You don’t have to build up. Bridges are just as amusing for little ones to make, as our biggest bridge build shows!

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