Download free color sorting game poster

Download free color sorting game poster

A fun LEGO® DUPLO® game you can play with your young child over and over again, is the color sorting game.

Depending on your child’s age, you can modify the game to match their skills and attention span. You can play for minutes or hours, at home or on the go.


Our designers have created this free rainbow poster. You can use the pictures and your bricks to talk with your child about the names of the colors, and ask your toddler to find and stack the bricks in the same order as on the picture.


  1. Take a few LEGO DUPLO bricks in different colors, put a few together any way you like
  2. …and ask your child to build a copy of your creation.

School-age +

If you’re playing with school-aged children, you can turn it into a memory game: show them your creation for 20 seconds, then hide it, and let your child build a copy from memory. Set a timer, or turn an hourglass, at you’ve got yourself a race against time, too!

Just six 2x4 LEGO DUPLO bricks can be combined in 915,103,765 different ways, so another way to play the game with older kids could be to test how many different combinations they can come up with!

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