How to build a safari birthday party

How to build a safari birthday party

Young kids especially are wired to analyze the world around them by acting on the question: “what happens if I try this?” Exotic jungles, rain forests and deserts are about as far away from most children’s bedrooms as you can get. Extreme nature can seem a little dangerous, but also extremely fascinating with all its wild animal inhabitants. So what would happen if you brought them all into your house?

A safari birthday party is a fun setting for lots of LEGO® DUPLO® building and role play activities. Here are a few build & play ideas:

- The guests can build their favorite exotic animal – you can hang animal posters or have pictures of animals available for inspiration

- If you feel like building a few animals before the party starts, you can hide them in your house and leave trails of footprints that lead to the animals. Then  you can send your team of young wildlife explorers on safari with a check list to see how many animals they can spot.

- What happens when all these animals meet on the Savannah or in the jungle for the first time? And what would they do if they met a bunch of wild human friends?

- “Which animal am I?” Each guest draws a picture of an animal from a safari hat. Everyone gets a few minutes to build their animal’s favorite food – or maybe  footprints? - with DUPLO bricks. By turn, everyone can try to guess what animals their friends have turned into! 

Download your free safari birthday party kit here for more inspiration. With hats, banners and fun footprint decorations, your child can have a wild birthday!

(This post is part of our series of birthday party ideas we hope you and your child will have fun with: how to easily make building activities a part of any themed birthday party.)