How to build a princess tea party

How to build a princess tea party

Princess Tea Party

Let’s start with a disclaimer: you should not try serving tea or any other kind of beverage from a LEGO® teapot at home. But that shouldn’t keep your child from building one for their next tea party with their best friends (real life or imaginary), or with their favorite stuffed animals and dolls. As parents with toddlers in the house know, make believe tea and soft drinks can taste just as delicious as real ones. And they have no artificial additives!

If a royal birthday party is in your near future, you can include lots of cute and fun building activities with just a few DUPLO bricks:

•  Photo booth fun! Have your guests build princess tiaras or sweet summer hats to compliment their fancy princess dresses.

•  Safe candles: build beautiful candelabra, and ask guests to build candles in their favorite colors. 

•  It’s fun to serve homemade tea and cake to your best friends (and their stuffed animals and dolls). Guests can build their own cakes, teapots, cups, saucers, scones, jam jars, cakes, fruit, cookies – all the fancy things princesses normally have with their tea.

•  Play “Pin the Cup on the Saucer” – the DUPLO version: 

•  Build a saucer-shape on a big DUPLO base plate, using a different color in the center.

• Build a DUPLO cup: just use a couple of bricks stacked together.

• Blindfold your guests and let them try to feel their way to the center of the saucer to place their cups.

Download and print your free princess tea party kit here for more inspiration:

•  Cut out the butterflies and bend them slightly in the middle to make them look like they’re flying. 

•  Turn the invitations into princess tiaras the guests can wear to the party! All you need to do is tape or glue the tiara together, and add a rubber string to keep it in place.

(This post is part of our series of birthday party ideas we hope you and your child will have fun with: how to easily make building activities a part of any themed birthday party.)

Princess Tea Party Princess Tea Party Princess Tea Party