Let’s Become Partners In Play

Let’s Become Partners In Play

Think for a moment back to those amazing, often daunting, early months of parenthood. You and your baby thrown into a world unknown, yet reassuringly together. And so your partnership began.

In a short space of time, so much was achieved. Sitting, standing, walking. Smiling, giggling, talking. But the one thread running through each accomplishment?


Whether it was dangling a teddy to encourage those first steps, or singing songs to inspire early words, you inherently used fun as a learning tool.

Now, as the days speed by and your little one’s life is counted in years not months, play becomes even more crucial. It helps with numeracy, literacy and physicality. It’s an emotional and creative outlet. It’s also a way to build confidence, independence and self-expression.

When preschoolers play, they look to you as their first playmate and teacher. Unquestionably, it’s not always easy to make the time, but fit play in and you’ll feel the benefits too. It’s a fantastic way for you to decompress, to shake off the seriousness of adulthood, and to feel close to your little one.

At LEGO® DUPLO®, we’ve been making toddler toys for over 40 years. As well as our varied and versatile range of sets, we have lots of ideas to share for ready-made playtimes. So, consider us part of your team.


There aren’t many partnerships that come with a lifetime’s guarantee, but the relationship you have with your child is one of them. Keep playing and your little one will keep coming back to you for all the other stuff too.

Let the games begin…

Listen to the Imagination song.