On the go: Road trip car-building game

On the go: Road trip car-building game

“Are we there yet?” Time flies when you’re having fun, but life on the road can be tough... Countless hours of being confined to your seat, surrounded by siblings, parents, and/or pets, before you finally reach your destination. (Yes, even if the drive only takes 15 minutes.) A short drive is no big deal for us adults – we know it will be over soon. Toddlers and preschoolers mostly experience the world here and now, and whether you tell them 15 minutes or 15 hours, it’s a foreign language to them. A short drive can feel endless!

You can help your child focus on fun things they can do to make time pass quickly while you’re on the road together. With 15-20 DUPLO bricks, you can play a road trip car-building game.

Ask your child to look for different types of vehicles on the road. With a toddler, it may be enough to just practice the names of all the vehicles you see: trucks, family cars, trucks with trailers, caravans, minibuses, maybe even sports cars or race cars.

A preschooler can practice building the vehicles you see. You can challenge them to build a certain vehicle before you get to the next lights/gas station/see the next big truck, and add a little competition to the fun! It doesn’t have to be perfect – it fires up your child’s imagination and cognitive skills, and time becomes less important.

Our designers have used 18 bricks from the 10565 LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Suitcase  to make these cute and easy-to-build cars as inspiration for your own family convoy of creative cars.

Drive safely!