On the go: Toys to take to Grandma’s house

On the go: Toys to take to Grandma’s house

Going to Grandma’s house is like taking a mini vacation. You get a break, your parents get some QT with their grandchild and your little one gets… well, we’ll discuss that in a minute.

There’s often just one miniscule drawback to Gran’s: it can be lacking in toys. But pack a cute case with bricks from the LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Chest set or whichever bricks you have at home, and Grandma’s house becomes perfect.

Now, let’s rewind a second about what kids get out of a visit to Gran’s. As well as an abundance of attention and cuddles, there’s a rumor going around that Grandmas spoil their grandchildren with cake, cookies, ice cream, and more cake... but that sounds completely absurd.

Whatever the truth, it will be your little one dishing out the treats with this set – just like the sweet girl in our video. Whether it’s making a delicious afternoon tea, running a bakery or even throwing a surprise tea party for Grandpa, visiting Grandma’s is a special occasion worthy of celebration.

Or is it? If your child is in the throes of separation anxiety, a solo stint at Grandma’s house will be more of a trauma than a treat. That’s where this trusty box of bricks triumphs once again, as it will bring some of the familiarity and comfort of home.

Yes, home. Visits to Grandma’s house have to end eventually. Now you’ve just got to convince your little one to leave…