On the go: Bird is the word

On the go: Bird is the word

If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? A pesky pirate’s parrot or a beautiful toucan? A picky pelican who doesn’t like fish? A funny cartoon chicken, or a penguin on a warm beach vacation? Even bath time rubber ducks can have their own distinct personalities and COULD be super heroes in disguise.

It’s fun for kids to imagine who they would be if they suddenly landed in a new world. And that type of “what if” role play is a great way to pass time on travels, while waiting in restaurants or on any normal day.

Birds are easy to build with a few colorful LEGO® DUPLO® bricks or less. Use curved bricks, and you can build a plump little round belly, a softly curved beak, or a nice and cozy nest for them. You can use bricks with eyes, but even without eyes, your DUPLO birds will have lots of character.

When you have built your bird - and maybe its family and best friends – you can make up stories with them, give them funny voices, and let them tell you about their amazing adventures.

Our designers used 19 LEGO DUPLO bricks from the 10622 Large Creative Box for these builds. If you already have similar bricks in your DUPLO collection, they should work nicely, too. Build birds that fly, swim, nest, and live underground, in trees, in houses, in camper vans, or boats… When you’re a bird, not even the sky is the limit!