How to build a forest fairytale birthday party

How to build a forest fairytale birthday party

Once upon a time, in a forest far away,
was a fairytale kingdom, where wood elves would play
where owls were cuckoo and squirrels went nuts
for acorns and flowers and small wooden huts
Where fairies bore crowns of magical twigs
And animals made nests out of little green bricks

Few things say “childhood” like fairytales. Magic, fairies, elves, and worlds where you can be or do anything you can imagine have been parts of our childhoods for generations. But what if they’re not just imagined? If you suspect your toddler may be an elf or fairy from another world, disguised as a child, what could be a more perfect theme party for their next birthday than a forest fairy tale?

With a bucket of DUPLO bricks, fun party accessories and activities, they can build their own “real” fairytale world with their friends, make up their own stories, and if they’re staying over for naptime or even a sleepover, a bedtime fairytale is a must.

You can follow these easy do-it-yourself steps, and download the free forest fairytale party kit to start building your child’s fairytale birthday. Once you get started, don’t be surprised if you think you hear the secret whispers of invisible (or real life) fairies putting new ideas in your head.

Happy Birthday to your fairy or elf!

Download your free forest fairy tale birthday party kit here.

(This post is part of our series of birthday party ideas we hope you and your child will have fun with: how to easily make building activities a part of any themed birthday party.

For these DUPLO models we used bricks and animals from the LEGO® DUPLO® Forest sets.)