The Story Behind The Set: My First Truck

The Story Behind The Set: My First Truck

When a big vehicle rolls by, a toddler’s eyes light up. How exciting to be near something so big! That everyday experience is the inspiration behind the LEGO® DUPLO® My First Truck set.

The truck may have shrunk down from the real-life version, but the benefits are still just as huge. Toddlers can enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the chunky framework, which makes the truck easy to grasp. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are also finessed when loading and stacking bricks onto the back.  

The truck set takes cognitive skills out for a spin, too. The sixteen picture bricks encourage observation and matching, and make a fun pairs game to share together. The very same bricks can be used to develop vocabulary, and to reenact social encounters such as receiving a home food delivery, or going shopping at the store.

The truck also delivers big results on the imagination front. It can transport just about anything a toddler can fit on it, and is ideal for mixing and matching with other LEGO DUPLO bricks. With so much versatile play on offer, My First Truck will be parked up outside your little one’s toy box for a long while to come.

Of course, no LEGO DUPLO set is made without lots of rigorous toddler testing! Watch the video above to see the truck being test-driven by a toddler and his mum, hear a psycologist explain toddler’s obsessions with wheels, then find out more about the My First Truck set here.