Motor their skills with the LEGO® DUPLO® crane game!

Motor their skills with the LEGO® DUPLO® crane game!

You will need:
Free printable game board [link to game board template]
White card
Sticky tape
LEGO DUPLO Construction Crane

As many players as you like!

Step 1: Print out the game board onto white card.

Step 2: Place the two sheets side-by-side, matching up the white square in the middle.

Step 3: Use sticky tape to secure the two sheets together.

Step 4: At the party, lay the game board down on a flat surface, and then place the crane on top of the white square. Each child should take a turn to spin the crane. Depending on what color the crane lands on, the spinner must complete an action. You can make these up, or use our guide below.

Step 5: Reward each spinner with a small prize, or round of applause!

Color guide

Use these fun ideas, or make up your own!

Orange: Build a tower with as many LEGO DUPLO bricks as you can in 15 seconds.

Purple: Spin again.

Blue: Balance a LEGO DUPLO brick on top of your head as you walk to the wall and back.

Green: Put one arm out and use it like a crane to pick up and drop off a small teddy. Try to keep your arm straight!

Yellow: Dance like a digger – go backwards, forwards, and spin around!

Grey: Scoop up water in your hands and carry it to an empty bucket. Be careful not to spill any!

Pink: Spin again.

Brown: Steer a mini wheelbarrow around traffic cones… try not to crash!

Top tip: Ask each spinner to name the colors as they go, helping improve color recognition skills.

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