LEGO® DUPLO® asks kids: Who’s the most fun family member?

LEGO® DUPLO® asks kids: Who’s the most fun family member?

In every family, young children have a go-to playmate when it’s time for fun.

It’s a pal who not only guarantees great games, but who also provides a dry run for school-year friendships.

And they can come from any branch of the family tree, be it Mom, Dad, Gran, an aunt, a cousin… even the pet hamster.

So in the name of research, we asked children all around the world to tell us their most fun family member.

The most popular answer? Well, it was pretty unanimous.

*Cue tense music*

The most fun family member… (insert elongated pause)

… according to children all around the world… (deep breath)

… is… (drum roll)

… Dad!

In an undisputable and overwhelming victory, Dad was namechecked more times than anyone else as the preferred playmate. Mum got a few mentions, as did Gran, and even one lucky sister. But no hamsters, strangely enough.

Now it’s over to you: Why not pose the same question to your little one and share the answer on our Facebook page?

And if you are not picked as the most rip-roaring family member, (incomprehensible, we know) up your fun factor with our array of ideas, from designing a robot, throwing a tea party, to sheltering from the rain in style.