Who’s the most Creative Family member?

Who’s the most Creative Family member?

We all like to think of ourselves as being creative. And we all are, in our individual way. But who is the greatest visionary talent in your family?

Naturally, it depends on how you define creativity. For example, meet Mr. and Mrs. A. Mom is a genius at making fancy dress costumes, while Dad has a hundred tricks up his sleeve for getting a tantrumming toddler dressed. Which half of the partnership wins your vote for creative thinking?

Or how about Mr. and Mrs. B? Dad is the head chef of a five-star fusion restaurant, but Mom has enough play-dough recipes in her cookbook - covering every eventuality from easing colds to encouraging sleep - to last the month of May. Which parent triumphs here in the imagination stakes? It’s a tough call to make, no?

In the name of research, we took to the streets to ask real-life families who is the most creative in their family. Unsurprisingly, not everyone could agree…

Enjoy the debate by watching the video above – and be sure to stick around right to the end to see one little boy’s honest, yet adorable, answer.

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