What exactly is imaginative play for toddlers?

What exactly is imaginative play for toddlers?

Defining imaginative play for toddlers is a task in imaginative thinking itself. It’s a slippery little fella, which means different things to different people. The definitions, just like the very essence of imagination itself, are limitless.

Imaginative play for toddlers can mean dreaming. It can mean letting the mind wander to new worlds. It can mean realizing and setting new goals for the future.

Imaginative play can mean making something out of nothing. It can mean taking a box of bricks, making a key, and then unlocking a fairyland. It can mean inventing something groundbreaking.

Imaginative play can mean sometimes being restless or bored. It can mean thinking-up, then delighting in the surprising fun that comes from an unscheduled day. It can mean being a self-starter and independent.

Imaginative play can mean exploring what makes each of us unique. It can mean discovering our talents. It can mean becoming confident in our own visions and decisions.

Imaginative play can mean rejecting rules and restrictions. It can mean solving a problem using a fresh perspective. It can mean unlocking our full potential.

And that is just the tip of the (imagined) iceberg. Find out what imaginative play for toddlers means to parents around the world by watching the video above, then tell us your thoughts via our Facebook page.