What Are The Most Important Life Skills For Children?

What Are The Most Important Life Skills For Children?

It can be overwhelming weighing up all the things your little one has yet to learn. Reading, writing, swimming, bike riding, shoelace-tying… anyone else need to lay down just from thinking about it?

But sure enough, and at breakneck speed, children navigate and nail each and every one. Then comes the trickier task of teaching your child the loftier life skills. We’re talking the sort of skills that come without a straightforward formula or technique. So if you could focus on nurturing just one or two, which tools would you most like to equip your child with?

Perhaps it’s something practical like having a strong work ethic. Or how about being adventurous and open to new ideas?

You might be more concerned with building robust emotional traits like resilience and independence. Or you might want to beef-up their morality chops with lots of empathy and kindness to others.

Maybe you’d like to see your child confident in going against the grain, or prefer them to be adaptable and mercurial?

We raised the issue with parents the world over to see which values they hold in the highest regard. Watch the video above to see more, and then wade in with your thoughts on our Facebook page.