How to make DIY road sign party decorations

How to make DIY road sign party decorations

You will need:
Cutting mat
Craft knife
Thick and thin paintbrushes
Acrylic paint (in white, yellow, and black)
Free printable construction sign icons template
White paper

Step 1: Use a ruler and pencil to measure and draw out several 18in (45cm) squares from cardboard. Place a cutting mat down to protect your workspace, and then use a craft knife to cut the squares out.

Step 2: To make a triangle, use a ruler to measure the middle of one side, 9in (22.5cm) in from the corner. Make a pencil mark. Repeat on the opposite side, and then draw a straight line to connect the two marks. Measure 15½in (39cm) down the line, then draw a line up to the corner. Repeat on the opposite side of the line. This will create a triangle shape. Use scissors to cut out the triangle, and then round off the edges. See below for how to create more shapes.

Step 3: Use a thick paintbrush and white paint to prime each shape. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Brush on the yellow paint, adding as many layers as it takes to get an even finish.

Step 5: When the paint is completely dry, use a ruler and pencil to measure and draw a 1/4in-wide (0.6cm) line outline along the edge of each sign.

Step 6: Use a thin paintbrush and black paint to fill the line.

Step 7: Print the templates onto white paper. Use scissors to cut out each icon, and then use glue to stick the icons to each shape.

Top tip: To make an octagon, mark the midpoint on each side of the square. Measure 3in (7.5cm) to the left and right of the midpoints and mark in pencil. Connect the dots and you’ve got an octagon! For a diamond, rotate the square slightly to the right, and then round off the corners.

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