How to make an incredible balloon planet galaxy

How to make an incredible balloon planet galaxy

You will need:

Silver card
Star-shape craft punch
Circle-shape craft punch
Cutting mat
Craft knife
White tissue paper
Silver Mylar® sheets
Sticky tape
Black and white marble balloons

Step 1: Make star shapes by punching holes from silver card with a star craft punch. 

Step 2: Make moon shapes by punching holes from silver card with a circle craft punch. Place the card partially into the punch to create crescent moons. 

Step 3: Place a cutting mat down to protect your workspace, and then use a craft knife and ruler to cut 4in-long (10cm) strips into white tissue paper, leaving 1/2in (1cm) clear at the top. Layer several sheets to speed-up the process. Repeat using sheets of silver Mylar.

Step 4: Take a piece of fringe, 12in long (30cm), and fold into halves until it is about 4in long (10cm). Then, roll tightly and secure with sticky tape. You will need one silver and two white tassels for each balloon.

Step 5: Measure and cut a 6in (15cm) piece of twine.

Step 6: Use sticky tape to attach the tassels to the twine. Add the stars and moons in the same way. 

Step 7: Inflate the balloons using helium.

Step 8: Tie the decorated twine onto the balloon and secure with a double knot. We found that a standard helium balloon can carry between 3-4 stars or moons.

Step 9: Repeat as desired, and then place the balloons in the party room.

Top tip: The balloons make a great gift to take home when the party ends.

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