How to make a LEGO® DUPLO® goody bag

How to make a LEGO® DUPLO® goody bag

You will need:

Free LEGO DUPLO party bag topper printable.



Sandwich bags

Colorful fillings, such as blueberries


Step 1: Print the topper templates onto white card, and then use scissors to cut out each one.

Step 2: Fill a sandwich bag with a colorful snack of your choice – blueberries or raspberries are eye-catching options.

Step 3: Fold a topper in half, and then hold over the opening of the sandwich bag.

Step 4: Use a stapler to secure the topper in place.

Top tip: Make the party bags even further in advance by using non-perishable fillings. Sticker sheets, crayons, or flower seed packets are just as popular as food!

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