How to make a LEGO® DUPLO® DIY fishing game

How to make a LEGO® DUPLO® DIY fishing game

You will need:

Large box
Colored paper
LEGO DUPLO Around The World Arctic set,
Two partygoers

Step 1: Before the party, use scissors to cut a hole in the front of a large box. Create a water scene inside the box, using colored paper and glue. Ask your little one to make brick “fish” and place each one inside.

Step 2: At the party, position two children on either side of the box. One is a fisherman, while the other controls the fish.

Step 3: The fisherman holds the fishing rod in one hand and turns his body away from the box so that he cannot see. Alternatively, use a blindfold.

Step 4: The child controlling the fish attaches one to the end of the rod.

Step 5: After catching an agreed amount – five fish is a good number – the two children should swap places.

Top tip: When the little ones have mastered Find A Fish, play Catch Of The Day by asking them to find specific fish (e.g. “Thursday’s catch of the day is blue and yellow”). It improves their observational skills and teaches them the days of the week too!

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