How to build a LEGO® DUPLO® themed birthday party

How to build a LEGO® DUPLO® themed birthday party

Got some LEGO DUPLO bricks? Then you’ve got yourself a LEGO DUPLO party!

Colorful, creative, and thrifty, a LEGO DUPLO themed birthday party will please your child and your guests.

So… where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve got it covered.

Our party plan is full of ideas for incorporating the versatile LEGO DUPLO brick as much as possible, from decorations and activities to goody bags.

Plus, we’ve also got free printables to share. Let’s get going!

Wait – one more thing. Don’t have any LEGO DUPLO bricks? The Creative Animals, The Basic Bricks Large Box, All-In-One Deluxe Box Of Fun, or Creative Chest are all great places to start. Each one doubles as a birthday gift, too.


It wouldn’t be a LEGO DUPLO party without a bit of tower building! We’ve got other entertaining ideas, too:

-          Our tower-building games get toddlers and preschoolers building, thinking, and playing as a team.

-          The tray game is a simple, fun way to test memory skills. Place a number of LEGO DUPLO items (bricks, characters, animals, or accessories) on a tray and let the partygoers look for a few seconds. Discretely remove something, and then ask them to tell you what is missing.

-          A DUPLO Town activity sheet is another calming craft to have on offer.

-          A cardboard-box obstacle course, with each box painted to look like a brick, will go some way to burning off excess party energy.

After the big day (and a big rest!) we’d love to see how you made the theme your own, so share your photos and ideas on our Facebook page.

Check out our space, or dinosaur themes for even more LEGO DUPLO birthday party ideas.

Step 5: Repeat the process, this time making rectangular bricks, until you have a selection.

Top tip: Let your little one and their party guests rebuild the wall, however best they like!

We have even more LEGO DUPLO themed party ideas, from LEGO DUPLO goody bags, animal masks, a DUPLO Town activity sheet, to a whole stack of tower-building games.