How to build a construction-themed birthday party

How to build a construction-themed birthday party

Are plans for your little one’s next birthday party still a work in progress?

You can get straight on it with our builder-themed bash.

Inspired by the big trucks that little ones love, such as the LEGO® DUPLO® Backhoe Loader, our party plan comes with free printable templates and lots of ideas that you can make at home – so we hope you’re in the mood for some DIY!

We’ve also made sure the ideas are simple enough for your little one to help with.

Ready to nail it? Let’s get to work!


Start by building a heavy-duty setting (thankfully without any heavy lifting):

- Traffic cone party hats [link to construction costume article] are more comfortable, and charming, than hard hats.

- DIY road sign decorations [link to construction decoration article] can be used in both a party room and outside your street door, ready to greet guests.

- Toolbox goody bag labels [link to construction printable article] look great – and keep party guests organized at home time!

- Party chains, in yellow and black, are easy enough for your little one to construct alongside you.

Balloon invitations help to build more excitement than a standard paper invite. Temporarily inflate a yellow balloon and use a black marker pen to draw on a digger and all the party details.


Be the foreman of fun with this roster of party activities:

The LEGO DUPLO crane game, [link to construction game article] with free printable game board, works more motor skills than a day on a construction site.

A paper house crafting session [link to construction craft article] brings out everyone’s inner painter and decorator.

A paddling pool, filled with LEGO DUPLO bricks, stackable cans, and tissue boxes, makes a creative (and contained!) space for freestyle building.

Fence painting role-play, set up with paintbrushes and buckets of water, lets little ones feel like real workers. The water makes convincing paint when applied, but keeps your fence in its original state!

After the big day (and a big rest!) we’d love to see how you made the theme your own, so share your photos and ideas on our Facebook page.

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