How Do You Encourage Your Child’s Creativity?

How Do You Encourage Your Child’s Creativity?

Somewhere along the way, creativity got misunderstood. It unfairly earned a reputation for being an elusive quality, gifted to some but not others. Yet creativity is a skill that everyone has, and that everyone can build on. So how can you help your child unlock their creative potential?

Perhaps it’s giving them a blank sheet of paper and a box of crayons. Perhaps it’s giving them a ball of pastry to play with while you prepare the evening meal. Perhaps it’s choosing one of our creativity sparkers, like the DIY dragon, or butterfly.

Perhaps it isn’t always about being arty or crafty. Practical problem-solving activities, such as puzzles, are a channel for creative thinking too.  

Perhaps it’s also about unstructured time. Open-ended play, without parameters, allows children to relax and think freely. A simple starting point? Give your little one an empty cardboard box and watch them literally think outside of it.

Lastly, perhaps our network of parents can offer some insight. We chatted to moms and dads the world over about what they do to support their child’s creativity. Watch the video above to get inspired - and take heed of one man’s warning for how to stop creativity dead in its tracks!

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