Happy Father’s Day From LEGO® DUPLO®!

Happy Father’s Day From LEGO® DUPLO®!

Daddies everywhere: how best would you describe yourself?

You might reply modestly that you’re a fairly average guy, but your child would tell a different story. They would say, wide-eyed and wholeheartedly, “My daddy’s a magician.”

And they’re not wrong.

You turn cutlery into airplanes. Balloons into animals. Sofas into ships. You turn little hands into abacuses.

You metamorphosize into doggies, horses, lions, and clowns. Of course, you transform best into a human climbing frame.

You make thin air look tasty at tea parties. You make huge towers, cozy dens, and goalposts out of sweaters. You conjure up bestsellers at bedtime.

You make the everyday fun. You make playing a partnership.

You are the man, Daddy.

From all of us at LEGO® DUPLO®, have a fantastic Father’s Day with your little partner in play.