New DUPLO® Forest and wildlife fun

New DUPLO® Forest and wildlife fun

We love animals! There is just something about them that is universally appealing to kids. (And to us grown-ups too, of course.)

With the new LEGO DUPLO Forest theme for 2-5 year old nature explorers, your child can play with lots of new wildlife animal friends and learn about real life outdoor adventures.

The four new sets are Forest Animals, Forest Fishing Trip, Forest Park and Forest Ducks. Each set comes with cute animals like fawns, squirrels, foxes, bears, ducks, worms(!), DUPLO characters and decorated bricks with baby animals, nuts, berries or plants. 

Your toddler can build a forest tree or a cozy barn for the animals to sleep in, and the fun, colorful forest details make great story starters:

-          Where do these wild animals live?

-          What’s the difference between taking care of pets and wild animals?

-          What do forest animals eat?

-          What kind of food do they like?

-          How do they take care of their babies?

-          Where do they sleep?

-          How do you treat wild animals if you meet them in real life?

Taking care of animals through pretend play is a fun way for your child to learn about empathy, nurturing, safety and respect for nature and wildlife. So pack a picnic basket for you and your toddler and visit to start your own DUPLO Forest adventure!