We asked kids: What’s your favorite animal?

We asked kids: What’s your favorite animal?

We’ve all been there: ask a young child a seemingly straightforward question, and then get a hilariously random answer in return.

And that was our highly amusing experience when we quizzed little ones with: “What’s your favorite animal?”

“Circle” was one response. “M” was another. “My friend Oli” a third. Bless them. Unless the joke is on us, and these gifted young children have actually discovered three entirely new species of animal…

Some answers were more what you’d expect to hear, with one particular feline friend named time and time again. A couple of children did register votes for more rare members of the animal kingdom, showing an impressive breadth of knowledge.

It’s no surprise really. Little ones are enthralled by all walks of wildlife. They want to know what each creature looks like, sounds like - as well as how each one moves and where they live.

With so many varied breeds out there, you might find your little one’s favorite changes frequently – as one little chap demonstrated, by giving a completely different answer to the one his mom was anticipating.

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Or, maybe just ask your little one to build their interpretation of an Oli…