The no-snow snowman

The no-snow snowman

For children, life doesn't get more exciting than when it snows. A crisp-white garden, ready for those first footprints. Snowballs to throw. Icicles to spot. Snowmen to build…

… STOP! 

It actually has to snow first, and snow is a fickle friend that can’t be relied on to show up. So while your little one eagerly waits for those first fluttery flakes to fall, have them build their very own LEGO® DUPLO® DIY snowman. 

A prefix is needed here, of course. Not every single child likes snow. It can be too cold and too wet. Plus, some children live in wonderfully warm places where snow never falls. This DIY snowman is perfect, then, for both camps.

So let’s talk snowman-building benefits (both the actual and LEGO DUPLO types). It allows for both gross and fine motor skill practice. It’s a time to think about nature. It’s a time to be resourceful (carrots for noses, coins for eyes, or “which bricks make a good hat?”). It’s a shoo-in for Christmas spirit (as is the candy cane, also part of this build). Even the chilliest of children can’t help but warm to a snowman. 

Don’t fret if your little one doesn’t have the exact bricks needed, as no two snowmen ever look the same. You can even build them in all the colors of the rainbow (or just your favorite colors) like the LEGO DUPLO colorful snowmen.

Share all of your LEGO DUPLO snowmen pictures on our Facebook page, safe in the knowledge that this is one snowman that won’t disappear until your child is ready.