Need to calm your child down? Read this!

Need to calm your child down? Read this!

Speed demon racing around the house at 200 miles an hour? Talkathon toddler rambling at 200 words a second? Slow that preschooler’s pace down with this calming, and cute, LEGO® DUPLO® DIY turtle.

Looking after a non-stop kid is more tiring than back-to-back spin classes at the gym. While boisterous levels of energy are perfectly normal for your child at this age, they sometimes (and you too) need a rest. Sitting down to build this DIY turtle is the first step to peacefulness. Methodical and mentally stimulating, building with LEGO DUPLO requires moments of reflection and calm thinking time. As your little one builds, chat about what makes turtles such interesting animals. Emphasize a turtle’s plodding pace – on dry land that is, turtles are comparatively Olympic in the water (might be best to stay quiet on that one for now).

If the time’s right, you can also chat to your child about endangered species, such as the green turtle. Explain why it’s endangered (thanks to overharvesting of eggs) for a case study in cause and effect. Talk a little about how charities can help green turtles to thrive. You never know, it might just encourage some early philanthropy.   

If at the end of all that your little one still has itchy feet, challenge them to move like a turtle. Pop a cushion on their back, for an extra-realistic experience. Now that will slow them down (and work their gross motor skills).

This DIY turtle uses just 10 bricks, but it’s not an issue if you don’t have the exact ones. Build with whatever bricks are nestling in your little one’s collection, and be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook page.