The perfect summer’s day activity

The perfect summer’s day activity

Outdoor play is crucial for children. Outside, they can learn about nature, switch their senses up to full blast and run off the boundless energy that exhausts everyone else. When the weather’s next good, get outside with your little one and try building this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY summer garden. 

LEGO DUPLO travels well, so the backyard is a novel place to play with it. Your little one can get the benefit of a vitamin D boost (take that, rickets!), as well as learn about nature, in nature, with this beautiful flower and busy bee.

Understandably, children can be a bit scared of bees. Yet it’s super-important that they aren’t afraid. The humble bumble is key to our very survival because it pollinates so many of the food crops we eat. Therefore, getting your child enamored with bees safeguards their future. Use this DIY bee to explain how being cautious and considerate will help them to avoid stings. Bees are pacifists, and do not attack unless bothered, so that’s one less creature to fear. As well as a neat lesson in respect. 

With that sorted, explain to your child how weather helps flowers grow. Get them to plant their LEGO DUPLO flower and water it. Watch and see if any real bees fly up to it. Finally, and you’re sure to like this bit, get your little one to burn off some energy by flying the DIY bee around the garden. Come bedtime, they’ll be too busy sleeping to still be buzzing around you.  

As with all LEGO DUPLO DIY builds, use whatever bricks you have to make the bee and flower, then share pictures of your summer’s day fun on our Facebook page.