You’re just 12 bricks away from seriously impressing your child

You’re just 12 bricks away from seriously impressing your child

Just when your little one thought they had discovered every type of vehicle going, up pops a new one. Literally pops up. Yep, we’re talking about a LEGO® DUPLO® DIY submarine. Build it together for a firm new favorite in your little one’s vast fleet of vehicles.

To us grown-ups, subs are an accepted, albeit cool, fact of life. To preschoolers though, they are extraordinary. Boats normally go on top of the water, so one that dives down underneath it? This needs checking out! 

First up, ask your little one to compare their new sub to a traditional boat. Which parts are the same? Which parts are different? This activity aids their ability to spot differences and make observations. It also exposes them to uncommon words, such as “propeller” and “sonar”.

It’s time to set the sub off. Your little one could embark on some marine life research. Coral reef, fish, and sharks all lurk deep down – and now they can reside in the depths of your little one’s imagination. Or how about taking them on a salvage mission to look for a long-lost shipwreck?

If you’re lacking any of the bricks needed for this build, don’t worry. If, in particular, there’s no propeller in your LEGO DUPLO collection, fashion one together by cross-sectioning strips of paper, drinking straws or coffee stirrers. Build with what you have, and don’t forget to share your pictures on our Facebook page.