How to build an exotic fish

How to build an exotic fish

Fish come in three sizes: small, medium, and the one that got away!

Waiting for hours for a fish to bite the bait could require a little more patience than what young kids can normally muster. Instead, you can help them build LEGO® DUPLO® fish: big, small, exotic fish, fish that look like real life fish, or you can make up your own imaginary, alien fish. Your child can easily fill a whole bucket and be home in time for their afternoon nap. These fish won’t get away, either – in fact, they’re happy to take part in a little photo op as proof.

Watch the video for inspiration and follow the easy building steps below. (If you don’t have the exact same bricks or colors, any other combination will do!)

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Give a kid a fish, and you know who will end up having to feed it every day. Teach a kid how to build a fish, and there will be fewer LEGO® bricks left on the floor for you to step on.

LEGO Family DIY Fish