Water play, whatever the weather

Water play, whatever the weather

Atmosphere getting tense with your preschooler? Build this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY sailboat together to steer you out of troubled waters.

Usefully, water play can go ahead whatever the weather. It can be enjoyed outdoors on a grand scale in the summer, or inside at the kitchen basin come winter time. And with this DIY build, your little one won’t even need to get wet. Find a blue blanket or jumper for sea and let your little one sail the boat through it. Encourage imaginative thinking: Are these shark-infested waters? Pose scientific problems: What happens if the boat capsizes? Enjoy watching them take command: “I’m the captain of the ship!”.

This boat is a lovely opportunity to enthuse about the beauty of water. The shimmery way it looks, the swishing sounds it makes, its ability to warm you up or cool you down. This is also a good chance to discuss exercising caution when waterside. Give your little one handy tips to help them enjoy it safely.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a beach holiday or boat trip on the horizon, this DIY sailboat can prep your little one for it. Talk about what will happen as you board the boat, then when the engine starts. Explain how wobbly the deck can get. Imagine which animals you’ll spot. By the end of it, you’ll hopefully have a willing seafarer on your hands.

It’s no biggie if you don’t have the same bricks as this sailboat, just use whatever you have and it’ll look fab. Now, before you sail off into the sunset after a day’s play, share pictures of your child’s sailboat on our Facebook page.