Awesome DIY rocket for kids

Awesome DIY rocket for kids

This LEGO® DUPLO® DIY rocket is a total blast. It’s (terrible pun alert) jet-packed with so much learning fun, your child will love sending it on missions to the moon. Or, more likely, just up the stairs. 

Your little one’s imagination can expand beyond the cosmos when they play space adventurers. Full of unknowns, space demands preschoolers think big to fill in the blank spaces. What’s out there? Are aliens real? If they are, what on Earth/Mars/Venus do they sound like? 

Aliens can help ramp up your child’s social skills by teaching them how to accept and embrace those that are different to us. Aliens are also a good way to demonstrate that the unknown doesn’t equal scary, and encourages your child to be inquisitive and curious in the face of such difference. 

For truck and car crazy kids, rockets are the ultimate vehicle upgrade. They’re also a launch pad for science and math skills. Countdown to blast-off. Marvel at space’s unique shapes (stars, crescent moons, ringed planets). Send the rocket up and down for preschooler physics. 

As any aero engineer will tell you, there’s more than one way to build a rocket so don’t worry if you’re lacking the exact bricks for this build.

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