A sweet way to teach children where food comes from

A sweet way to teach children where food comes from

In today’s uber-modern world, there can be a real disconnect for children about where food originates. It’s easy to believe it comes from the supermarket, or increasingly likely, the internet. Fortunately, you can grow your little one’s knowledge with this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build.

With big bushy tops and don’t-touch-me skin, pineapples are an intriguing place to start. After building the DIY pineapple together, suggest a spot of role-play. Ask your little one to plant and tend to the pineapple lovingly (we swear by a bit of singing). When it’s ripe, pick, pack and deliver it ready to be “sold” on your little one’s market stall. Next, chat about ways to eat fruit and vegetables. Pretend to blend it into a smoothie, for instance, or dice it into a stir-fry. 

Along the way, plant fun seeds of information. For instance, pineapples grow on bushes, not trees. They take a whopping two years to mature after planting. Pineapple plants only produce one at a time, so each pineapple is treasured gold. 

The best thing about this little teaching moment is that pineapples are fresh, wholesome and grown naturally, unlike suspiciously addictive boxes of processed food. Even grown-ups struggle to understand where that comes from.

As you share the knowledge with your little one, why not share pictures of your DIY pineapple, and other healthy food builds, on our Facebook page? Sweet.