Heart-melting Valentine’s crafts for toddlers

Heart-melting Valentine’s crafts for toddlers

The first time a child says “I love you” is a beautiful thing – especially as most parents say it about a gazillion times before they hear it back. If you’re still waiting on those three little words, or would like a new way to express them yourself, try this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build.

Valentine’s Day is an obvious excuse for talking all things amore with your little one, and this sweet activity could get them speaking the language of love. Pile up the 26 bricks needed (if you’re missing the exact same ones, just use whatever you have), then build together. When you’re done, read the message aloud, pointing as you go. Now try getting your little one to repeat the message as you point.

Don’t worry if this seems forced; children learn all new words and phrases by copying. They’ll quickly see from your ecstatic reaction that these are special words, triggered by special feelings. Being able to identify and label emotions is one of a preschooler’s biggest undertakings, so games like these help path the way for emotional expression.

On a more practical level, this DIY build also helps preschoolers to associate the spoken and written word (or built word, as is the case here). Looking for even more word fun? Try building all of the letters of the alphabet. Older preschoolers can enjoy making their first sentences by using the “I” and “heart” bricks. Ask them to find a picture of someone or something they love to complete the sentence, and then have them read it aloud.

Be sure to share the love by posting pictures of your little one’s builds on our Facebook page. Treasure hearing those magic words and have a very happy Valentine’s!