The gift that truly gives

The gift that truly gives

Heard the saying that children need presence, not presents from their parents? This LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build ticks both gift boxes.

When it comes to presents, children are factory-set to receive rather than transmit. It’s hard to understand that giving gifts is as important as getting them. But by going back to basics with this sweet play session, you can teach your child the true value of presents.    

To get started, wrap up the ten loose bricks needed (or similar ones) for this build. Add a jaunty bow on top, if you’re feeling fancy. Now, hand the gift to your child. Prompt politeness if a “thank you” isn’t forthcoming. After they’ve unwrapped it, build the bricks to make the present seen in the video. Your little one has just experienced the joy of receiving a gift.

Now it’s time to switch it up. Ask your little one to pass the present on to a lucky recipient of their choosing, maybe Grandma or a friend. Your little one has just experienced the warm, fuzzy joy of giving a gift. Psychologists say giving a gift makes us feel even better than receiving one, so hopefully those self-centric factory settings have been reversed.

The bonus? Some precious play time shared together. You can also share – pictures of your child’s builds on our Facebook page. Consider it a gift to us. Thanks.