Spooktacular Toddler Builds: Ghost

Spooktacular Toddler Builds: Ghost

One of the things kids love about Halloween is that they’re allowed to pretend to be dangerous and spooky, and to dwell on scary things. It’s a day off from behaving like a “good kid”, and it’s safe and consequence-free because they’re only pretend-bad, and things are only pretend-scary! For parents, telling ghost stories, impersonating creepy characters and legends of the afterlife are perfect opportunities for playing and being creative with your kids.

Our designers are already in the process of turning the office into a haunted house with ghastly (but very cute and toddler-approved) LEGO DUPLO ghosts and monsters. Meet one of our favorites – The White Lady. She either won’t or can’t tell us what her name is, but so far she seems fairly harmless. She likes to sit on people’s desks and stare at them with her big, blue eyes, as if she can see right through you. If she starts acting up, we’ll just rebuild her into something else!

Use this building inspiration to start building your own family of quiet specters, lost souls, ghouls and ghosts. You decide if you want to invite them over just for Halloween, or if you want them to linger for an eternity.

Happy Halloween!

Our LEGO DUPLO designers use bricks and elements from a variety of different sets to create inspirational DIY builds. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the bricks in your LEGO DUPLO sets – you can have even more fun coming up with your own creative ideas using what you have at home!