Fun food play for fussy eaters

Fun food play for fussy eaters

It’s the ultimate battle between parent and child: eating fruit and vegetables. Put simply, parents are in the “yes” camp and kids are in the “no way!” camp. How then, can a truce be called?

First of all, there’s a totally logical reason why children are anti-fruit and veg. Back in the day, cavemen were hardwired to distrust plant food in case it was poisonous. Obviously, that tidbit’s hard to swallow when your dear darling has just thrown a plate of peas on the floor, but at least there’s an explanation. Luckily, there are subtle ways you can slowly open their minds – this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build being one of them.

Firstly, ask your little one what fruit and veg they’d like to build, or cook, as they may pretend. They’ll enjoy taking charge of the “food”, and role-playing as chef, just like mommy or daddy.

This type of play can become a sensory awareness adventure. Ask your little one questions as they build, such as: “What color is each food?”, “What does each food smell like?”, “What does each food taste like?”, and, here’s the sneaky bit, “Would you like to try some in the kitchen right now?”. Don’t stress if the answer’s no. Getting children to not only eat, but also enjoy fruit and veg can be a rocky road (hmm, Rocky Road...). The success here is lessening the threat and making food fun.

We’d love to see the LEGO DUPLO fruit and veg your little one’s imagination can grow, so share your pictures on our Facebook page. Let’s hope that one day they’ll be growing, and eating, those foods for real.