Rainy day rescuer

Rainy day rescuer

Pre-parenting, adults go watch the ducks approximately never. Post-parenting, however, it becomes a frequent hobby.

This is by no means a complaint. Visiting the ducks is actually one of life’s small pleasures. The simplicity of it is pitched perfectly at a preschooler’s pace and it’s an opportunity for the whole family to live in the moment. A trip to the duck pond gives a chance to connect with nature, and observe the quirks and differences between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. It’s also a free bit of entertainment – ducks are hilarious as they hustle for food.

The language of animals is key for linguistic skills. Generally, young preschoolers call animals by the noises they make rather than their actual names. A “moo”, for example? That’ll be a cow. A “quack, quack”. You guessed it.

So what to do then, when it’s too wet for a pond trip? Grab seven bricks and make the LEGO® DUPLO® DIY duck. As you build together, reminisce about previous trips to the pond. If your little one takes to this task like a duck to water, build four more duckies and sing songs like Five Little Ducks. It’ll boost numeracy and musical skills.

There are many different breeds of ducks, so yours doesn’t have to match ours perfectly. Share your pictures on our Facebook page, and let’s hope that rain comes quickly.