The unlikely way to help with tantrums

The unlikely way to help with tantrums

Preschoolers are flooded with a whole heap of feelings in their early years, and sometimes only a full-on meltdown can process it all. But there is an unconventional outlet that your little one can try… 

… Dragons. Yep. You read right, dragons. They may not look like touchy-feely types, but these giant beasts allow for early emotional exploration. First up, fear. Preschoolers can experience feeling scared through their play with dragons, but in the safe realms of their home. The by-product of that fear is courage – a really empowering feeling for little ones. Dragons can also be a transference object; a place to put the rebellious feelings preschoolers are told to tame in normal life. Finally, in encouraging your little one to identify with a dragon’s plight, they can experience compassion too. 

Pretty deep, huh? It doesn’t end there. Dragon myths feature some stuffy old stereotypes that you and your little one can have fun challenging. Princesses can be brave fighters, and knights can be damsels in distress. Even the dragons don’t have to be bad guys.

So, how to build a LEGO® DUPLO® dragon? 12 bricks is all it takes. Missing some bits? Dragons can look any way your child likes, so get creative and share those fire-breathers and scaly sculptures on our Facebook page

Tantrums slayed.